Helping to overcome the barriers

The Wheels in Motion program is designed to assist disadvantaged and at risk youth between the ages of 16 and 25, to overcome a major barrier to employment and further education, by assisting them to attain the required 75 hours for a Provisional licence.


This program targets young people:

Who live/work/study in the Gawler and Light area

  1. without an accessible, appropriate vehicle in the household where they live

  2. or without regular access to a licensed supervising driver

  3. those who can demonstrate that being P licensed would immediately improve their employment or education opportunities will receive some priority.

Wheels in Motion program components:

  1. All wishing to join the WIM Gawler Program must attend a Forum. We give a brief road safety presentation, you will learn more about the program, and have a discussion with the program coordinators.

  2. After attending the Forum, all participants will partake in a lesson with our Driving Instructor before joining the mentors. Depending on the level of experience, more lessons may be required.

  3. WIM provides a vehicle and volunteer mentor to supervise the learner’s driving. Our mentors are not Driving Instructors, they simply guide as a parent would. Sessions are 1–2 hours, starting and finishing at Café Nova Gawler. (local railway and school collection may be arranged if required)

Register for the forum (information session) here