Helping to overcome the barriers

The Wheels in Motion program is designed to assist disadvantaged and at risk youth between the ages of 16 and 25, to overcome a major barrier to employment and further education, by assisting them to attain the required 75 hours for a Provisional licence.


This program targets young people:

Who live/work/study in the Gawler and Light area

  1. without an accessible, appropriate vehicle in the household where they live

  2. or without access to a licensed supervising driver

  3. those who can demonstrate that being P licensed would immediately improve their employment or education opportunities will receive some priority.

The Wheels in Motion program has three key components:

  1. a Road Safety Forum that every young person who would like access to mentored support must attend, where there will be;

  2. a discussion where the young persons’ situation is explored to determine if a place can be offered. Plans can then be made for that person to complete the required lessons with our Licensed Driving Instructor *number of lessons will vary depending on level of experience

  3. mentoring in-car driving experience (1-2 hour sessions) from Gawler’s base; Café Nova. Note, our Mentors are not Driving Instructors, they are volunteers who act as a parent would in guiding the Learner's driving.

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